In accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Act, our General Certificates of Conformity are provided below.  These certificates are required for any product manufactured after November 12, 2008.

Our certificates are provided on our website as PDF files, requiring Acrobat Reader for viewing.  If you do not have Acrobat installed on your computer,

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If you would prefer we mail a printed certificate to you, please contact us with the product number and your mailing address.  Click on the links below to view each product's General Cerificate of Conformity.

 AABK - All American Boy Knot Tying Kit

AABM - All American Boy Marbles

AABT - All American Boy Hardwood Top

AABY - All American Boy Yo Yo

AAGH - All American Girl Hopscotch

AAGJ - All American Girl Jacks

AAGS - All American Girl Skip Rope

AAGW - All American Girl Wonderball

ABC - Audubon Bird Call

Balsa Wood Airplanes

BLST - Blisters Trail Game

BPAP - Pocahontas Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPBR - Blackbeard Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPCK - Captain Kidd Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPCW - Civil War Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPPA - Pirates Aboard Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPRB - Redbeard Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPPNB - Black Bear Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPPND - Deer Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPPNE - Eagle Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPPNF - Fox Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BPPNR - Raccoon Boxed Jigsaw Puzzle

BRP - Calico Jack Boomerang

BSE - Spirit of Earth Boomerang

BSF - Spirit of Fire Boomerang

BSW - Spirit of Wind Boomerang

CJRCC - Chinese Jump Rope

CRJPP - Chinese Jump Rope Peg Pack

CSG, CMG, CLG, CSS, CMS, CLS - Replica Treasure Coins

CNPP - Shipwreck Treasure Peg Pack

CWBY - Cowboy Up Game

DMDPP - Dead Man's Dice Peg Pack

FAM - Arrgh Matey Pirate Flag

FBBE - Beach Quest Fundana

FBBU - Bug Bingo Fundana

FBNA - Nature Quest Fundana

FBST - Star Quest Fundana

FBTR - Tree Quest Fundana

FBWB - Wild Bird Bingo Fundana

FPL - Pirate's Life For Me Pirate Flag

GBFG - Fox & Geese Traveler

GBNM - Nine Men's Morris Traveler

GBST - Triangle Solitaire Traveler

GBST-R - Retro Triangle Solitaire Traveler

GBTT - Tic Tac Traveler

GBTT-R - Retro Tic Tac Traveler

HPCC - Hopscotch Color Canvas Pouch

IQBB - Baseball I.Q. Tester

IQF - Football I.Q. Tester

IQO - Original I.Q. Tester

JBLD2 - Jacob's Ladder

JJCC - Jumbo Jacks Canvas Pouch

KZBK - Rainbow Kazoo

KZWW - Wildly Noisy Wooden Thing

LSKS - Lunastix Kid Stix

Lucy Hammett's Bingo Games

MAPT - Pirate Treasure Map

MBPG-1 - Pirate's Gold Mini Bottle

MBPM-1 - Treasure Map Mini Bottle

MMAT - Knuckle Down Marble Mat

MMATS - Classic Marble Mat

MPCC - Marbles Color Canvas Pouch

MRVC - Morgan's Revenge

PBTM - Treasure Map in a Bottle Puzzle

PSCC - Pick Up Sticks Color Canvas Pouch

PTAB - Audubon Birds of America Puzzle Tin

PTBB - Baseball Stadiums Puzzle Tin

PTC - Chieftains Puzzle Tin

PTRW - Raceways Puzzle Tin

PZB - Barrel Pioneer Puzzle

PZBB - Brass Buckle Pioneer Puzzle

PZBS - Boot Strap Pioneer Puzzle

PZCA - Captain's Puzzle Tall Ship

PZCL - Captain's Puzzle Lighthouse

PZLB - Left Brainteaser

PZNB - No Brainer

PZRB - Right Brainteaser

Roy Toy Log Building Sets

RMLC - Rhumb Line Game

SBBF - Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

SRCR - Skip Rope

SRSU - Super Skip Rope

TPHCC - Hardwood Top Color Canvas Pouch

TPLA - Cosmic Laser Top

TPPY - Lucky Penny Top

TPSKR - Skytop

TPWG - Whirligig Top

TSMG-F - Fish Stringamajig

TSMG-SK - Skull & Crossbones Stringamajig

TTBLS - Blackbeard's Last Stand Game Tin

TTBW - Bear in the Woods Vintage Tin

TTD - Classic Toy Tin Dominoes

TTF - Parlor Football Vintage Game Tin

TTFP - Fish Pond Vintage Game Tin

TTH - Classic Toy Tin Hopscotch

TTHB - Home Baseball Vintage Game Tin

TTJ - Classic Toy Tin Jumbo Jacks

TTM - Classic Toy Tin Marbles

TTRR - Railroad Vintage Game Tin

TTS - Classic Toy Tin Skip Rope

TTW - Classic Toy Tin Tiddly Winks

YMCC - Yo Yo Canvas Pouch


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